Shine - ZC The project aims to demonstrate the viability of building affordable housing using highly innovative yet economical construction techniques with the aim of achieving the ‘zero carbon’ level 6 rating of the Code for Sustainable Homes. This project tackles all of the most complex technical issues that arise when trying to achieve CSH level 6 in a real-world constrained urban brown field site.  The technologies used need to meet the rigorous requirements of CSH level 6,  whist demonstrating viability from a commercial perspective in this difficult environment. The key principle of this demonstration project is one of integration. ICF wallform and airtight construction (with MVHR) reduce space hearing loads. In addition, a range of renewable energy technologies (including photovoltaics, air source heat pumps, solar thermal and biofuel CHP) are combined to optimise on- site energy generation. Click the down arrow to continue to next page.